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Counterfeit Tourniquet

Fake Tourniquets, spot the difference...

What's the difference between a real & not Real; Tourniquet? Highly Likely

How to tell? Does it have a CE certificate? Is that CE certification Real?

Bleed control kits fake

Where are Fake Tourniquets Sold

Ebay Amazon Temu FaceBook

Tourniquet Fake from China

CE (China Export): A Misleading Abbreviation

CE markings with “China Export” are not related to European compliance or regulatory standards. Unfortunately, these markings can be misleading and are sometimes used unscrupulously to deceive buyers into thinking a product has received the CE (Conformité Européenne) certification when it has not.

Temu Tourniquets

CE certification, real or not real, read below.

The Gap. The left is real  and the Chinese one is NOT a CE certificate. 

enhanced bleed control kits fakes

CE & C E  Whats the difference ?

EU Regulatory Compliance: CE mark affirms that a product conforms to EU directives & standards. Verification by  Manufacturer: Responsible for ensuring that their products meet the essential requirements & undergo appropriate conformity assessment procedures.

CE (China Export) markings are NOT subject to any specific regulations or standards. Deceptive Practices: Some manufacturers or exporters may use the CE (China Export) mark to falsely imply European compliance, potentially putting consumers at risk.

CE Markings Missing on Tourniquet

Nothing on the Back? 

  1. Usually there is nothing on the back of the Tourniquet.
  2. In the early days there was, and the was misspelt, instead of Rock HIll  it said RAck Hill, 
  3. Even now there are some Chinese companies that fake the CE certificate, so where you buy from is important. 
Tourniquet Fakes
  1. Third-Party Certification: In some cases, third-party certification  may be involved in the assessment process to verify compliance.
  2. Mandatory for Some Products: CE mark is mandatory before they can be legally sold within the EU.

  3. Product Safety: CE emphasizes product safety, consumer protection, and adherence to environmental regulations.

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