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Bloodstoppers Ambulance
Blood Stopper Bleed kit

01342 82 4715

 ARB Bleed Kit Buy Now 

Bleed Control Kit

ARB Bloodstoppers Bleed Kit. £65.00 + VAT & delivery

Normally £95.00 plus VAT & Delivery

Bloodstopper Ltd UK Company 

This professional kit for use where  Catastrophic Bleeds can occur.

This kit is all you need: Tourniquet GEN 7 CAT,

Haemostatic agent to clot, a pressure Bar bandage 

Tuff scissors & Nitrile Medigloves to protect & record patient's details.

Who may need the BloodStoppers Bleed Kit.

Blue Light Card Holders, Military,  Ambulance, Tree Surgeons,

Police, Fire, Close Protection, Security, 

Anyone who comes in to contact with knives or any object that can penetrate and cause a Catastrophic bleed.​


Company number 15817300

Bloodstopper Bleed Kits. 

Enhanced Bleed Control Kit
Bleed Control Kit
Bleed stopping kits

Bloodstoppers Ways We Can Help


Bloodstoppers Training 3 Hours

Bloodstoppers Trauma Training

Trauma Bleed Training as a One off or married up with a EFAW Qualsafe ofqual regulated course.

go look at for courses and dates. 

Stop the selling of Fake Catastrophic  Equipment on the internet

Awareness Campaign

Whats real, Whats not and what to beware of 


Transforming Lives

Bloodstoppers is dedicated to putting our community first. Our Education program provides  Trauma Training to help stop a Catastrophic bleed.

About Bloodstoppers

Bloodstoppers was founded by an experienced UK frontline medic, with a mission to empower bystanders to save lives before medical assistance arrives. Our bleed control kit is equipped with a tourniquet, military-grade bandages, and clotting agents to ensure that anyone can be prepared for unexpected emergencies. Join us in making a  meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Join Us

Bloodstoppers Trauma Training
Bloodstoppers Trauma Training
Date and time is TBD
Forest Row,
Station Rd, Forest Row RH18 5DW, UK
Bleed Kit
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